Table of Contents

Perfect Submission
To Love Diana
Swimming with Diana in the Great Peconic Bay
Failure and Fire
Song for Julia
Our First Buffalo House
• Quaker First Day School
• Crying Aloud
• Citizen Diana
• Into the Institution
• Lost
• Adjustment
• No Clothes
• Identity Politics
• Institutional Air
• The Sunshine Fund
• Singing in the Institution
• Pushing Back
• Dreaming Apples
• Singing with the Buffalo Quakers
• Parental Secrets
• In Memory of Burton Blatt, Founder of the Center on Human Policy at Syracuse University
• Singing with Artemis
• Buffalo Hands for Anne Scattergood Fogg
• Traveling Home
Our New Day Center Program
The Boston Hills
A Quaker Memorial Worship
Diana’s School Today
A Fierce Love
Special Thanks
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