Thank you, Mary Oliver!

Dear Grandmother and Grandkids and the world:

On my desk in the office at the edge of a small hill in Culver City, California, looking out at the pink climbing roses and the gathered marine layer on May 17, 2023, I notice a hand-written scrawl that I copied from a 2022 Christmas card from my Son’s Long Island family, urging me to follow in the creative and wondrous footsteps of Mary Oliver:

  • Pay attention
  • Be astonished
  • Write about it

That’s what this blog and these reflections will develop, open to the creative pulses of my uneven heart beats, yet the pace-maker will settle these beats and the creative work can begin.

There will be more soon and I’m so looking forward to this way to reach out to the family, to other Friends (Quakers) and to the wider culture.

Thank you, Mary Oliver, for helping me to get started in this spiritual journey.

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